About Us

Food is a constant presence in our lives, intersecting with everything we hold dear: family, health, budget, schedule, and our overall happiness.

Dear fellow cooks, we recognize you because we’re not just food editors; we are one of you. While we’ve honed our skills in publishing, restaurant kitchens, TV studios, grocery stores, and meal kit companies, we’re also parents, dog-walkers, commuters, shoppers, and homeowners—individuals who share the same passion for food as we do.

Consider us your dependable kitchen companion, guiding you through recipes with a step-by-step approach. We’re here to address your queries, whether it’s achieving the perfect soft-boiled egg, mastering pilau, throwing a budget-friendly party, finding a snack for an 5-year-old, navigating life with vegans, tackling a new Instant Pot, or making dietary changes. We want you to be the go-to guest at every potluck.

Having been in the culinary realm for a substantial period, The Spruce Eats has evolved from a 25-year archive of recipes contributed by chefs, teachers, cookbook writers, home cooks, and food creators. Our vast content is a living entity, continuously updated, tested, and expanded upon. With well over 10,000 recipes at your disposal, we aim to provide the one you need—the one that works, perhaps the one you didn’t even know you were searching for.

Our mission is to transform curiosity into confidence. Recognizing that we’re all beginners at something, let’s venture into the kitchen together and embark on this culinary journey.